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Song Singer Download Stats
Ubhar Rahi Hain Pervaiz Fida Download 338
Ucha Yassu Naam Jawaid Noor Download 450
Ucha Yasu Naam Kamran Mushtaq Download 119
Uchaa Yesu tera Naam - Download 520
Uchiyan Shahna Wali Aye Ashley Solomon Download 166
Ud Jana Gopal Masih Download 402
Udd K Hawawa Vich Nishan Bhatti Download 411
Uddikaan Master George Khayam Download 321
Udika Menu Teriyan Asif Rogers Download 604
Umar Bhar Tehmina Tariq Download 144
Umeed Bulbir Singh Sufi Download 434
Umeed-E-Jahan Khuram Obaid Download 343
Uncha Uncha Bulbir Singh Sufi Download 393
Us K Wadon pe Aitbar Karo Tehmina Tariq Download 248
Us Ka Likha Koi Pervaiz Shan Download 43
Us Kroos Ki Kya Baat Virendra Download 440
Us Nay Mujhe Bheja Hai Anil Kant Download 501
Us Nay Najat Di Hai Anil Kant Download 495
Use Raat Ki - Lent Asif Rafique Levite Download 123
Uska Ek Wada Hai Vijay Benedict Download 425
Uski Qudrat Ka Album Dhadkan Pervaiz Shan Download 48
USS KA JALWA Arif Akhtar Download 128
Uss Nay Ulfat Ki Arif Rogers Bhatti Download 556
USTAT KARIYE - Download 312
Uth Ke Savere Yesu Nazima Maqbool Download 434
Uth naam samarlay ni Bulbir Singh Sufi Download 590
Uthaaye Sulee - Lent Elisha Shahbaz Download 58
Uthe Jaag Musafir Door Deya M. Ali Download 607
Utho Jaago Ka Aya - Christmas Irfan Sabir & Rizwa Sabir Download 78
Utra Hai Charni Main A. Nayyar Download 151

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