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Song Singer Download Stats
A Ja Yasou Da to Kol - Download 74
A Mere Masiha Pyare Shafique Tahir Download 720
A Silent message to Pray for Christians Jonita Aaroon Bhatti Download 511
A-E-Masih Tu A Hardev Mattu Download 450
Aa Chuka Hoon Noveen Morris Download 218
Aa Chuka Hoon Terey Dar Par - Download 861
Aa Gaya Yesu Vaid Rogiya Da - Download 46
Aa Ja Yasu De Kol Haroon Masih Download 740
Aa Kalvary Ki Raah Per Tehmina Tariq Download 935
Aa Nasri Mery jewan Main - Download 163
Aa Paak Rooh Bikramjeet Download 348
Aa Pavitar Aatma - Download 580
Aa Pavittir Atama Aa Subhash Gill Download 1003
Aa Raha Ha Shumail Shahjahan Download 189
Aa Roh-e-Pak Evng Sarfraz Anwar Download 444
Aa Rooha Pak Utar Aa Anil Kant Download 889
Aa Shafi M. Ali Download 634
Aa Suay Kalvary Chalain Mehnaz Download 907
Aa Suay Kalvary Chalain PERVAIZ AKHTAR Download 428
AA SUWAY KALWARI zarnaz joseph Download 172
Aa YASU As Jevan Me Haroon Razaq Download 134
AA Yasu Je Aa Pastor Francis Feroz Download 131
Aa Yeshu Aa - Download 170
Aa Yeshu Paas Aajaa Shailendra Saxena Download 323
Aa Yesu Ji Aa Pastor Shauqat Fazal Download 674
Aa Yesu Naasri Menu Lor Teri Arif Rogers Bhatti Download 841
Aaa Paak Rooh Imran Ammi Download 16
Aaa Yasu Aa Merya Dil Kay Andar Evng Obaid Sadiq Download 671
Aab-e-Hayat Tehmina Tariq Download 28
Aaftab-a-Rasti - Easter Rose Merry Download 117
Aahen Wo Aasion Ki Kashif Jackson Download 656
Aaib Joi-e Na Kerr Kashif Jackson Download 742
Aaj apni Tu Jaan Bacha Lee Shafqat Ali Khan Download 842
AAJ BARA DIN AYA - Christmas Zarnaz Joseph Download 57
Aaj Din Khushian Wala - Christmas - Download 9
Aaj Ka Ye Din Shubh Din Anil Kant Download 1019
Aaj Ki Raat Ernest Mall Download 708
Aaj Paida Ho Gaya Perviaz Sadiq Download 403
Aaj Paida Hua - Christmas Farzana Pundhar Download 807
Aaj Roshan Iss Jahan Mein Choir Download 568
AAJ TERA WAL Anum Ashraf Download 49
Aaja Prabhu Yesu Ke Dar Aaja Kashif Chohan Download 416
Aaja Vekh Le Peter Pardesi Download 456
Aalam-e-bala Par - Christmas Khurram Shahzad Download 51
Aamad - YESHU Aane Wala Hai Anil Kant Download 502
Aamn Ka Shahzada - Christmas Choir Download 90
Aan Bachaya Neha Sarfraz Download 473
Aan wala Jey -Christmas Sunil Irshad Download 101
Aana Tera Mubarak - Download 343
Aankhon Mein Mere Sapno Mein Yesu Ernest Mall Download 752
Aao Aao Yesu Ko Sajda Ernest Mall Download 525


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