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Song Singer Download Stats
Tuhi hai hamara hum tere hain Arif Rogers Bhatti Download 509
Khudawand mohaiya kar Arif Rogers Bhatti Download 481
Main Kuch Bhi Nahin Hoon Tere Siwa Arif Rogers Bhatti Download 720
Chamka Sitara Ernest Mall Download 697
Alem-E-Bala Par - Part 2 Ernest Mall Download 459
Alem-E-Bala Par Ernest Mall Download 475
Aata Hoon Tere Huzoor Ernest Mall Download 662
Teri Pak Hatheli Par - Gazal Ernest Mall Download 466
Zamin De Waris Ernest Mall Download 407
Cross Karoose Hai Tera Nishan Nishan - Download 560
Main Yesu Ke Noor Mein - Download 478
Aa Chuka Hoon Terey Dar Par - Download 919
Jab Se Pyara Yesu Aaya Sumble Noreen Download 432
Qaidee Seyhoonee Yahawa Ney - Zaboor 126 Pervaiz Shan Download 514
Meherban Meherban - Download 332
Jai Jai Yesu - Download 454
Jai Jai Kaar Tehseen Gull Khan Download 448
Khuda De Parde Haithan - Zaboor 91 Mehnaz Download 647
Honta Dey Talay Majeed Masih Download 417
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Majeed Masih Download 496
Jadoon Teinu Pukaran - Zaboor 4 Majeed Masih Download 727
Chahtey Hain Tujh Se Majeed Masih Download 547
Barkat De Yesu Barkat De Majeed Masih Download 589
Pak Rooh Mairye Dil Main Aa Majeed Masih Download 506
Yesu Khoshian Day Hammad Baily Download 399
Tanu Dunia Karey Slam Hammad Baily Download 474
Soli Charia Hammad Baily Download 449
Mere Yesu Masih Hammad Baily Download 378
Kia Kia Mere Dil Pa Hammad Baily Download 377
Ker Tuba Hammad Baily Download 454
Muhabbat Kab Nugma Hammad Baily Download 367
Paiys No Lagay Hammad Baily Download 465
Teriyan Siftan Day - Download 492
Tere Hakal De (Zaboor 48 - 2nd part) - Download 497
Cheeriyan Bol Payieen ER Das Download 443
Chaloon Ga Chaloon Ga Munir Bhatti Download 439
Bete Ghar Laut Aa Subhash Gill Download 551
Hallelugah Tarif Raheel Download 492
Sub Kay Liyay Hum Pervaiz Shan Download 366
Masiha Mein Woh Hi Pervaiz Shan Download 413
Bethleham Ki Charni Pervaiz Shan & Sumera Shehzad Download 697
Aye Khudawanda Tu Hai Sunta Ernest Mall Download 452
Tu Jo Chu Mera Khudawand Ernest Mall Download 411
Chale Ho Tum Khuda Ka Saath Ernest Mall Download 591
Yahowah Zinda Khuda Ernest Mall Download 472
Jalal Jalal Tera Ha Jalal Ernest Mall Download 609
Hoon Mein Tere Kareeb Sans Se Bhi Kareeb Ernest Mall Download 515
Tu Yahowa Meinu Janda Ghulam Abbas Download 515
Khudawanda Tu Lashkaran Da choir Download 572
Aao Rab Di Wadayaiye choir Download 463
Sadi Badkaari Rakhi Hai Sari choir Download 448
Meri Duaa Hun Pohanchay Shameen & Raja Download 383
Rab Sada Zoor Musarat Simi Download 610

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